While the concept of distilling vodka and gin from milk sugar may seem novel, Heather points out that it’s a concept dating back nearly a thousand years and produces traditional-tasting spirits.

“Just like potato vodka doesn’t taste like potatoes, milk vodka doesn’t taste like milk. It’s still a very traditional vodka. However, it has a smoother, more velvety texture due to its source,” she added.

Knowlton House teamed up with Logan Erikson, of Paper City Studios, to assist in the design, along with Marawood Construction of Marshfield to bring the distillery to life.

“We’re excited to be working with Marawood Construction on this project,” Luke added. “It’s always great to work with another local, family-owned business. Keeping both the design and construction local helps us to create a space that feels authentically Wisconsin while still meeting our unique needs.”

Construction on the distillery began in September 2022, with an anticipated opening of spring 2023.

Credits to: Stevens Point Gazette